Don Cherry Drinking Game/Quiz

Today, I will be sharing with you a drinking game my girlfriend and I came up with. We’re both huge Don Cherry fans and recently we were having a debate about who knew more about the GOAT. So we started to quiz each other. A few questions in, we were in the mood for some wine so we added it to the mix and boom.

There are a bunch of drinking games for two persons out there, but we’re proud to say we came up with this one on our own.

The game is essentially a quiz about certain facts of his singing AND his golf career, as well as his biography. PS, if you already read the post about his biography, you should do okay for the most part.

You probably guessed the rules already: ask a question and if the answer is wrong, drink? Nope.

In this game, drinking is a privilege. You can only drink if you get the answer correct.

The drink can be wine or hard liquor – your choice.

The questions are listed below and the answers are shown by clicking the question.


These are just 16 to get you started. You can throw in your own at the end or as you get along.

You can also send some to me via the form on this page. It would be awesome if we could make this a thing.


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